Sweet and powerful. Life-changing too. And so simple. While going through a particularly difficult time long ago, driving along in my car, I just decided to physically smile. That’s it. Just smile. Just because I could, and I was curious about how that would affect the pressures I was feeling with all the major stressors that were happening, all at once. I just kept my face smiling for a short while. I thought about the geometries and the chemistries within my body that would be affected by changing my facial geometry. Nothing else. 

Want to know something? It worked! My brain state changed. My outlook lifted and I begand to breathe softer and more deeply. New ideas for solutions even came to me that I hadn’t thought about while in the “worrying”/contracted/scrunched over state of being.

My brain state changed the more I did that, and I felt a little Lighter in my core energies. The knots in my stomach loosened and it felt like a deeper flow opened up. It’s not a Pollyanna band aid that pretends nothing is challenging, but we do have many more ways of changing our realities than we realize. So here’s to you and this day my friends! May we each remember how powerful we really are, to create what we Really want on this earth journey. 

Let us get back to the basics of gratitude, kindness, easier breathing and the gifts sunLight on our faces and stars singing at night. Let us enjoy the good and simple things that give our Lives meaning. Let us learn what it takes to be good to each other- to just be kind instead of unconscious or uncaring and rude. Lets stop the wars within our selves first. 

It’s easy to fight in this world. Maturity, depth and strength of integrity, authenticity with honor and respect, self mastery are all part of being divinely human. The media, politics and just about every other engineered aspect we are taught is "real" is made to take us off balance or dishonor our Creator given soul journey upon this great planet.

“Arm in Arm, we all go forward together” is my quote that echoes ancient wisdoms. Dignity, responsibility, discernment and sovereignty of being your natural self..with others. Imagine..🌱 Breathe..Think good thoughts and "Be the vibration of one note higher" in your own body. Let this take the place of worry. Keep at it too. Do the work of it wherever you are or whatever you're doing. Just bringing our selves a bit more “up” in vibration can change everything. Notice your skeleton & how you carry your body. It is a mirror to all the inner experiences of the mind.

“Non-verbals” communicate just as loudly as audible sound does. Breathe.. elongate your spine. Notice how your skull sits on your spine. Find the angles that feel good and open your neck to the flow of your systems. May we all do the inner work of choosing where and what we focus upon, and perhaps even change our frame or lenses that we see through. Life is hard very often for many. How we respond is up to us.

There is a river that lifts us all up and out of lower states. Breath and choice of how we  translate our circumstances are keys to learning how to consciously navigate it all with true self and Life mastery.

Hope this helps brighten your spirit or opens up more ideas and options for you today. Changing our brain state changes our reality. Breath is part of it all. “But first you must know this..” then celebrate when you remember to do it! 💖Sweet day to you, my friends and family!