We Change..

Life changes and we change with it. It’s sometimes so subtle that it takes years to realize how our deeply our perceptions have shifted. Jobs, relationships, health, friends and family, dreams, soul longings, it all affects our internal circuits that define reality through our eyes and heart.

We change with the cycles of Living each day and year. The deaths of those we Love, births of new souls coming in, seasons of memories and new beginnings. Change is natural.

The rhythms and movement of the flows and ebbs, bring us up, down and to places of plateaus and stillness where nothing seems to move forward. Depending upon our inner choices and translations of events, we are as Lights moving through infinity, and the way we walk this journey is entirely up to us. Every breath we are given is a new opportunity to begin again and make new choices.

But first we must know this.

Our incompletions, woundings, the words we speak, beliefs, assumptions can all define what we perceive. Outer reflects our inner, consciously or not, our inner realms create our reality.

Taking the time to heal, to look within and realize the vibrations we carry really DO affect and literally create our outer reality, brings a maturity and depth of wisdom as we grow up in vibration and into more of what we are. Peeling away the layers until we get to our core authenticity takes a different kind of courage than most know. It’s a deep excavation that is often not seen on the outside. When the fruits of your inner work begin to show in your outer Life, get ready for the changes! New beginnings, endings are all part of change.

May your changes today be gentle as they can be, yet as deep as necessary to help you on your soul’s journey into authentic wholeness. It can take decades or Lifetimes to heal past hurts, fears and woundings. Yet it can be done! Softly, gently, deeply and fully, allowing for the depths of emotion and memory without fear, the deep waters can hold the most sacred gifts for you.

Like diving for a treasure that can only be found in the deep dark waters of memory. Once clouded and shielded from your vision, new awarenesses and memories of kindness and innocence can emerge, and wisdom that carries the deeper rhythms of Life’s cycles and an overview of it’s timeless structures can be seen more clearly. You choose differently.

We change. “The wind changes things. Breathe deeply my friend!” (VO)

As we consciously align with our highest optimal reality, our heart tunes in more to what makes us tick. What inspires and motivates us? Let our joy be the reason we wake up each day and sleep peacefully each night. Breathe deeply my friend. What will bring you joy right now? Peace? Inspiration? Rest? Do that, be that, as much as you can in each moment.

When beginning again, after the endings that can occur with jobs, relationships, Loved ones, health and new realizations, follow the “Breadcrumbs of Light” that call your soul forward to the new magic that Life is offering to you. If it “Lights up” for you, please don’t “reason” it away.

It’s Life calling your forward into new experiences, deeper places within that get filled with your greatest joys. Be wise, discerning and have the courage to Jump! into your dreams! They have a river that carries you, like nothing else could have before.

Sweet day to you my friend - easy breathings and may you see beauty in your Life. Regardless of where you are and what you’re experiencing, may you find gratitude. It’s the river of Light that keeps us whole. May you also make this day, the day your new Life begins. New breath..