"A whole new Life path opened up right after our session.  Amazing! Thank you for helping me to find the clarity it took to arrive at this point." – M.A.

"I can't get over the difference in my life!  How do you do what you do?? Thank you!" – C.B.

"The work we've done together literally brought me out of such deep despair into a deeper connection with the magic of Life again!  I feel ready to move forward for the first time in a Very long time..."  – A.G.

"Veronica O’ Grady is the true example of a Master healer, Spiritual teacher, and Goddess.  I met her through my mother a couple of months back.  My mother and I have always believed in the spiritual and holistic approach to healing and spirituality, but when Veronica came in to our lives she helped us to take leaps forward towards our own personal spiritual evolution through her Master practices from this dimension and beyond.  She works Inter-dimensionally with High Masters, spirits, and forces to heal, educate, and evolve who ever is willing to speed up there own evolutionary spiritual process.  When I was a little girl, I used to see and hear things not of this world or dimension, sometimes they would scare me and other times they wouldn’t. A couple of times in particular I had some very scary happenings which I eventually ended up closing off the use of my third eye as well as my Clair-audience abilities.  Veronica has helped me to re-open my third eye and I have been able to continue my spiritual journey with a more open mind and understanding of the (at the time) scary events that had occurred, and why they happened.  She has helped my mother and I manifest the true alchemy that is within us and the universe. My energy and new downloads of information and abilities that I have received through our sessions have helped physically, mentally, and best of all spiritually.  My journey is now falling in to place magically, gently and fully integrated.  She is what I consider the embodiment of a true Goddess of Alchemy, and I am blessed to have met her and have her in my life." – J.A.M.

"In my estimation, as someone who has been around the metaphysical block more then a few times, Veronica is a powerful healer. I say this not as an observer but as one who has personally experienced and benefited from her wonderful gifts. She exemplifies, for me, the qualities of what it means to be a master: an open, loving and sincere heart, extremely knowledgeable, and a lack of ego, which translates into a joyous presence. So, in conclusion, I have every confidence and no reservations in recommending Veronica as a results-orientated healer, and a beautiful example of a person on the high spiritual path." – Orion

"My life before I met Veronica was a dark, aimless, disconnected path where isolation was my only solace.  I had become disenchanted with people and had almost given up on finding anyone with whom I could relate. Then it was like sunshine entered my life when I met Veronica.  We chatted for several minutes when I just started crying in realization that after all these years I was actually not alone and that our meeting was not a coincidence.  The joy for living that Veronica exudes is contagious and warming to the heart.  

The magnitude of the power, the presence and the gentleness of her alchemical healing on my children and myself is amazing.  Now I cannot imagine life without Veronica.  She has taken me from a cocoon and through her ancient healing practices is transforming me into a magnificent monarch butterfly.  
Thank You Veronica!" – J.S.

"I have been thinking a lot about you since our session. I am soooooooooo honored to know you. Words are the least successful purveyor of truth and feeling, so I hope you feel that in your heart of hearts. I am very deeply affected in a positive way by your gifts and you as a woman, as a whole.
Since I saw you I feel like "I get it now". I feel eons closer to you as a spirit, woman, Being overall. I feel totally safe with you and being so vulnerable with you on your healing table is such a gift. It brings tears to my eyes remembering the depth of my experience there. I have never been so in touch with myself, my emotions, my core, my channeling. I toned this morning in my car for a half hour or more. It was wacky, wild, and very necessary. My kidneys were singing especially loud, vibrating my head, my brain, my senses. I'm glad I bought Throat Coat tea this morning before I knew all that was going to happen! I may need to drink some before I go to bed. 
I am feeling more in love with my Self and the oneness of the world this afternoon. I can't tell you how deeply I am grateful for your work, Gaia's work, and that of all the masters that were there. I can't wait until the songs start coming now. I'm sure they will be of a whole different dimension. I call them forth as I do all of the Divinity that is me, in every moment. Thank you for being such an integral instrument and friend in this process with me.
I love you and can't wait to see you again soul sister of the sun. Thanks for being such a powerful Lightworker." – J.M.

"Thanks again for that session yesterday. I feel great and revitalized. My purpose was to improve my ability to keep my commitments; to myself (waking up when I want to, doing chores, relaxing, etc.) to my children, friends and my clients. What I got was so much more! I know to my core that I have gained closure and healing on my family's deep shame, and I realize that it has been present in the foreground and background of my consciousness, 24/7 now that it is gone. Through your work and guidance, I bonded with the previous generations of men in my family, spiraling back thousands of years, and created a space of unconditional love and compassion for my brothers, my father and grandfather that I can immediately access. 
I have a deep calm and peace. This morning I woke up at 4:47 and did my yoga, my music, my meditation with ease and without an alarm!
I am in awe of your beauty, grace, power, commitment to service, laughter, self-awareness, speaking of truth. I have never received a healing like the one yesterday - what's in those crystals, anyway? - and I never knew a woman like you existed on this planet, and yet you seem so familiar to me. So the whole package just blew me away. I am psyched and grateful that our paths have crossed in this incredibly positive way!

And I will definitely book another session with you in the future, and refer others. I am grateful for the results from your work and consider myself an official cheerleader for your success!" – M.D.

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