"Brighten people's Lives" was the directive I received in a Life-changing vision as a young child. Be a blessing, allow Life's changes to open new doors. Look for them instead of to the ones that closed.

When we get "drop-kicked and punted" into an unexpected, abrupt new reality, it’s hard at first. It gets easier if we stop, do an observers review of the previous situation to glean any wisdoms and insights, then release it down the river and look for the next new open door.

An entire Lifetime can be built around a reality or dream and in moments, it can be gone. The key to navigating these kinds of changes is to release the attachment to the identity that you knew as “you” (I’m a this or that or I do this or that etc.)

That's just how Life is sometimes. "Hang time" when you're in between trapezes. It can be devastating, even debilitating if you're mentally or emotionally still clinging to the past as the only identity or path you were meant to navigate in this Lifetime. Many function as if "what once was..." is all of who they are and will never be again. No. There’s always a new opening, but first you must know this.

If you look to the next "Breadcrumb of Light"...and by looking, I mean that in between here and there, just doing what your body, mind and soul need to be nourished, to bring you "one note higher" in vibration than you just were while feeling bad, hurt or confused...everything can change.

Be one vibrational frequency higher in octave...from a C to a D for instance, or even a 1/2 or 1/4 note higher to start with.

A good "hack" to make some quick internal brain/perception changes is a phrase from Dhyani Ywahoo that I've used and taught for decades now. The phrase is: "I breathe in. I breathe out. This I know."

Saying that for 10 seconds or what I call "10 second crunches" and then repeating until a shift is felt, becomes like Harry Potter stairs. As you do this one quick hack, the road your reality was going down, changes and continues to do so as you more fully become a new vibration. Repeat as necessary until a new brain state is achieved.

"Be the vibration of that which you seek." Be that vibration internally as if your body is a musical instrument, and as you be that vibration or brain state or perspective, things change. They just do. It's a law of physics, cosmic enLightenment physics, if you will. Rainbow is my favorite color.

I look for them through every storm. Sometimes, its the only way out of a looping brain state. In a flash, rainbows change everything. Crystal prisms are my favorite way to bring rainbows inside.

My friend, may your day be filled with beauty, peace, deep easy breaths, alignment with your inner connection with Creation and the "rightness" of your own timing within it all. And rainbows too...May your day be filled with them, and heart and soul breathe them into your Life journey. Enjoy!