"Your eyes are not yet old enough my dear" I heard her say. 

Curious, I listened more closely. "When your eyes show the depths of what you know, the expanse of all that is, truly and without pretense or pretend, without desire or wanting; just feeling full and whole by being and breathing; when you have fallen/surrendered to/begun exploring the depths of your internal space - your soul, re-birthed and expanded it with consciousness to fill every nook and cranny, elegantly and naturally, with steps of inner awakenings; when you have experienced this and so much more, then you will have begun to see and know more clearly. Until then and always? Live as joyfully as you can, with every grateful breath. 

Beauty is in the depth, the integrity, true wisdom bourne from understanding that wholeness is a journey. Sometimes we feel broken or lost, sometimes we feel peaceful and have a flowing ease. The funny thing is, regardless of the moment, you are on that journey. You are always wholeness experiencing the nooks and crannies of the consciousness of Life that creates all.

Leaning in closer, I listened. What...such strange ways of seeing Life, perceiving reality and self within the Oneness...Perhaps the beginning of something stirring way down deep, like and old, ancient memory of self, with all as one and whole? Hmmm...

In Peace,

© Veronica O'Grady 5/10/2018 All rights reserved