Stonehenge and so many other mystical sites upon the planet that are powerful vortexes may have had many functions for communities throughout the seasons. Some have begun to understand the power and impact of piezoelectric substances upon activating a seed's ability to align fully with its most subtle energies, so that it can manifest wholly with a strong and vital immune system. 

Others have begun to understand the power of music and it's ability to be the river that can "sing into being" something desired or "sing out of being" something that is no longer either desired or whose time has come to leave. That said, imagine if atop the stones at Stonehenge there stood singers who, knowing specific earth dates for optimal times to activate seeds, do divine healings, be able to open multi-dimensional portals of sight and knowing, would sing specific songs that contained in and of themselves, specific geometries that would bring the desired affects? Indigenous cultures would know these as true "medicine songs". Amplified by many at specific times with the full support of the community, all focusing upon the same impact or outcome of these songs, who could in their own self-mastery, maintain their inner magnetics wholly enough to help draw in the desired outcome, a powerhouse of manifestation can occur. This may have been one of the uses of the pyramids found all over the planet on sacred sites.

Many of these sacred sites, in fact most of them are on vortexes of the planet that amplify energy as either transmitters or receivers, like a cell transport system. Those that know how to utilize them can increase the effects of the songs, the magnetics, the wholeness of the outcome as well as the speed with which the outcome comes in to physical form.

The multi-dimensional mechanics of songs, rhythms, magnetics and inner, Clear alignment with no inner obstruction, only fully flowing focus can change our world in quantum time...But first we must know this. :-) Truly, when all focus on one thing, our merkaba's alignment with it and totality of our physical cells that get their instructions from the energetic template of our merkaba, help manifest in physical form, that which we bring our inner gaze and our focus to - including thoughts, feelings, memories, triggers, aspirations and so much more of our inner terrain. 

Some "food for thought" my friends, as we open even more deeply to creating our Beautiful New Earth. Be aware as well that the dark forces that are doing all they can to create chaos, death and pain upon this planet know these techniques too. They are presently being used with more focus to keep our inner vibrations lower and more dense which makes it more difficult to access "cleanly" as in energetically neutrally clean before focusing upon our true, desired outcome.  Fear and confusion are powerful 'tools of war' as well they know. Our job? To walk as energetic masters that are not influenced by these forces.

The work before us is to self-master our inner terrain in ways that move beyond religion, beyond present day science and into multi-dimensional mechanics of the magnetic Light that we are all made from - the Light that contains all the memories of the soul, the gifts, the wisdoms as well as the knowing about right action in situations before us each day.

I've created and hold "Life Training Immersions" that bring you through the actual in-depth, gentle experiences of these states, give you the tools to continue the abilities in your daily Life and open to even more of your own divine mastery as you grow. My private personal healing sessions also go into "Deep-Soul Surgery" to help you take quantum leaps in your personal activations, initiations and soul evolution. These experiences and tools profoundly activate, heal and teach you how to bridge to the inner space from which to create the most powerful "You" that you can, in physical form. 

There are new sciences being birthed right now my friends, that will give us a more accurate maps of what we, as humans are capable of being, doing and creating. May the magic begin! 

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