I woke up this morning seeing the amplification of energies on this planet within each person's body in new ways. We all know at this point that everything is changing. For many of us, it's what we've been preparing for, for Lifetimes. Now we are here and some unexpected things are occurring for many of us as we navigate these changes.

Our bodies.. We know they've been morphing in real time as the magnetics, solar pulses and so much more are affecting our energy fields. It's like fixing a car while its being driven on the highway and expecting it to give the same response as it would while standing still. The "cosmic pulses" used to come maybe once a generation or so, then in the early 90's we were told they were going to start coming "every few years".  Just to give you an idea of how much the physical aspects of energy have changed, these pulses of Light and amplification of inner energies are now happening hourly. Yes, Hourly. Stay centered, calm, peaceful and be aware of the energies that do their best to sway you from this inner place.  hold the "tow rope of Light" to keep you upright. 

Like the dramatic rise in the earth's Schumann resonance, we are all being brought upward on a wave a "enLightenment" whether we planned on it or not. All boats rise. Those that stay anchored to old, dense ways, beliefs and shadow energies will not be able to rise as easily, or at all this time around. Oceans are not cruel and neither is this energy. The rising and amplification is a natural cycle and has long been awaited. Our work is to do the inner excavations that will help us release unconscious, dense energies that are making this journey more difficult.

This is a "long view" topic. Healing crises are happening every where we seem to turn. This is the body releasing toxins and chemicals as well as beliefs, buried emotions, memories, traumas, hurts and all the Life has piled up on top of us for eons. Not just this Lifetime. That's what it feels like. Another view may help.

As we get shaken to our core with these releases, we begin to question what we believed to be true about our realities. We begin to question the medical systems that do not bring real healing. We begin to question everything we've ever been told and assumed as truth about what reality is and who has the ability to govern it. 

Much will change in the coming century and our youngest ones' children will be the ones who Live on a fully and truly "New Earth". Our job? To birth it. To heal and build the threshold or bridges to make that happen. Who we actually are, what we are actually, literally made of and capable of creating and doing will have us seeing these times as the dark ages. We are only just beginning to raise our inner eyes above the darkness and to realize how truly multi-dimensional we are. We are capable of so much goodness and we Are good! Who benefits from us being unhealthy, reactive, angry, afraid, grieving and constantly at war? Not us, my friends. Much will change and we are the change makers. Be the Light wisely. Be Love Only as much as you can in every situation. Not a doormat mind you, but whole in your being.

The "long view" is the old way of viewing Life. "The next seven generations" was so often the concern of all decisions made by the elders. It's time we put that back into place. With all we do, buy, engage in and choose, i's time to grow wise again. As these energies continue to amplify, we are given the opportunity to look at, release, heal, make new decisions about who we are now. Each breath is a new decision, yes? 

Wishing you peaceful journeys as we navigate the rivers of change. 

~Veronica O'Grady  

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