Note: Personal (1:1) sessions are not being offered at this time. Please check back to see the changes we have in store for you!

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When you’re ready to make the deep changes, the soul changes that can and will change your life, it’s time to hire Veronica to help you. In our one-on-one time the focus is fully on YOU and what the next step is for releasing your past and stepping into the fullness of your true nature.

1:1 Deep-Soul quantum Alchemy Healing Sessions

Unlocking the deepest energetic core entanglements and anchors, on the most subtle, unseen levels of your being.  Experience Deep, Profound and Gentle Releases of what has kept you bound to past memories and patterns, so you can move forward, using powerful, Life-changing, ancient teachings & techniques that address the specific issues you are facing right now.  The depth and expanse of these sessions could take up literal volumes with all of the energetic processes done during this time. The releases of the “ick” (dark or discordant energies) from your soul harmonics and energetic mapping alone, is Life-changing.

In these deeply alchemical healing sessions, you'll face your inner self gently, with clear, easy to use maps that safely allow shadow aspects to emerge into Illumination.  Perfect for today's seeker, both seasoned and newly awakened. The deep "Aha!" moments are a regular part of the sessions when you understand how the deeper maps affect specific arenas of your Life.  People's relationship with themselves, Life and Love itself changes when this work is done. This of course, affects everything in your Life. Through a unique-to-you combination of conversation and energetic work (both during the conversation and during any 'table time'), Veronica teaches you how to understand and use powerful, subtle energetic techniques to transform your thinking, your emotions, your Life, while helping you open to profound healing and inspiration for your heart, mind, body and spirit. 

Clients leave these sessions feeling deeply, internally “cleansed”, Free and Lightened in ways they never could have imagined, relieved of heavy burdens they didn’t even realize they were carrying until they were gone…and so much more.  Veronica was born with gifts that help in these deep arenas of Life, and she does this sacred work with the utmost humility, awe, respect and full integrity on every level of energy.

Using multiple tools & techniques, this 2-hour, in-person session catalyzes core transformations and creates deep Life changes. $225. In-person, Wednesdays in Nashville, Mondays & Tuesdays in Columbia, TN.  Email for appointment. 

Energy “Tune-ups”

"Tune-ups" - For the integration of healing work, Life events and more. Balancing and learning even more tools, as you go forward on your path. 

Powerful & effective. 

Hourly sessions: $125 - In-person, Wednesdays in Nashville, Mondays & Tuesdays in Columbia, TN.  Email for appointment. 

1:1 Self-Leadership & Life-Mastery Breakthrough PHONE Coaching sessions

Helping you get to the next step as you walk the path of your personal evolution. Real Life issues have deeper truths and tools that can stabilize your energy while navigating this changing terrain. Practical teachings based upon ancient wisdoms can help you heal and re-calibrate your energy so you can align it with the heart of what is most important for you right now.  Powerful tools & deep healing energy work to help you make the changes and learn how to move forward on your path. More freedom, ease, wisdom, confidence, & clarity awaits. 

Self-Leadership & Life-Mastery Breakthrough Phone Coaching Sessions:

Choose a half-hour, one-hour, or 1.5-hour session length below. Email for appointment

Phone Coaching

Speaking at your event, group meeting or keynote

Veronica O'Grady addresses the core needs of your group, inspires cohesive alignment with wise action. She motivates with clarity, integrity, humor, depth and simplicity.  Navigating the "terrain of change" we are all experiencing right now, using non-traditional techniques that teach Self-Mastery is her specialty. Please contact Veronica directly for details. 

1:1 Personalized Shamanic Guided Healing Journeys via Phone - Just for you!

Customized, shamanic healing journey tailored to your specific needs. Veronica has already led thousands of people on "Forgiveness Through Time", "Original Soul Dream", "Merging with Your Higher Self" as well as multiple other motivational, clearing and healing journeys in her healing sessions, ceremonies and during trainings.  Her voice becomes the vehicle that carries you to the vibrational reality where deep healing, balancing and rejuvenation can occur. 

Choose one of the above journeys or after consulting with Veronica, she will create a personalized shamanic journey for you and email it directly to you.

Consult plus customized journey - $155.



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