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Let it go..

Let the old die.

Let it go back to the Source of all, for new beginnings to birth.

Do not grab hold and cling to anything you’ve ever known your self to be.

Like the tree in the autumn with its leaves,

Let it go.

Watch it burn inside of you. Watch it wither and dissipate.

Allow the death of illusion, of fear, of the engineered reality

So many assumed was true.

Allow it to die, my friends.

It’s time.


It’s time...just be with that for a while.

Do a ceremony and release to the deep peace.

To the core essence of your inner most, divine nature.

Your core pulsings of Life, peace and calm.

Observe and just be.

No thinking, just feeling it.

Just allowing for the deaths of dreams, relationships,

Jobs, identities, all you’ve done or ever wanted to do.

Allow it to die.

Breathe the death of it, out of you. Release the inner bindings

To all that kept you bound to the unreal, to the way you were taught to be.

To the way you were taught Life was or should be.


Let it go. All of it. Now, please.

For on the other side of all that awaits something new and yet still unknown.

We forward go, into the new.

But first we must learn to be in the deaths of what has past.

All that brought you to this place, be it pain and suffering or joy, victory and elation.

Let it burn in the fires of your soul.

Clear your Akash of all that you were.

Open to the deeper Akash of all that you truly are.

The divine, magnificent, shimmering, powerful, connected being

That we all are.

The Light we were All birthed from.

All teachings of our minimal-ness of being are lies.

Know that.


As we allow for this death

We allow for the birth that Always follows.

May you begin to breathe in That - the energy of your true birth.

Mark this as the day you were born.

The day you embraced your divinity in totality.

The day You became the Light.

The day You remembered your own Light and began Living it,

JoyFully upon this great planet that we are gifted with experiencing.

Our soul’s growth continues.

The lush earth awaits.

We are Love.


May our journeys be fruitful, pure, good-hearted and kind.

May we Live ferociously connected with our sacred joy, our divine oneness

That knows, understands, is wise, clear and free.


To your freedom.

To our freedom together.

Sending and being Love in this great sandbox of Life

That we get to Live.


Thank you for being here friends!

Many blessings, much gratitude to you and as always,

Wishing you deep belly laughters shared with those you Love and cherish.



© Veronica O’Grady

August 21, 2017

During the full solar eclipse.


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