The Four pillars of freedom! 

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WElcome fellow traveler,

If you're ready for a deep change that you can feel in every cell of your being and if you're ready to feel more whole, full of goodness and purity again, and if you've tried counseling and many other modalities but haven't gotten to the core energies are are running (and maybe ruining) your Life, this training is for you. If you've been on the path of awareness for decades or newly awakened, the teachings in the course can change your Life. 

Set in the beautiful, serene natural landscape of Penuel Ridge in Ashland City, TN this 3 day immersion will bring you gently into deep places where your most subtle energy anchors Live and have been vibrating their patterns under the radar of your consciousness for years.

Veronica has received visions since she was born and has taught many of the techniques learned in them to help thousands of people worldwide. In this first ever three day immersion, she will share deeply changing guided, shamanic healing journeys, specific movements, techniques and walk you through experiences that recalibrate your inner terrain while you do them.

This work is deep, gentle and Life-changing and most of all, we make it fun, Light and enjoyable as well! Veronica's unique style of humor, depth of wisdom and insight as well as her ability to lead groups in ceremony, through deeper healings, activations and initiations has helped her assist so many in private sessions and previous trainings.

3-Pay Installment Plan for Activating the Activators Training



We'll be de-constructing then re-constructing these invisible forces that run every part of your Life. “Love, Identities, Forgiveness & Ego" like you've never experienced them before. Re-defining their meaning and place in your Life - your soul construct, psyche, mind, heart and spirit. You'll learn how to heal and empower your relationships, your unique manifestation abilities and to use quantum technologies of the soul to bring more peace, deeper releases and more profound experiences of Love. 

You will break old patterns, transform your Life and make it what you really want it to be, by learning how to heal core issues you've been carrying all your Life, learn to build a new reality, heal the wounded 'collective' and personal psyche and so much more. This training addresses the “core constructs” that created your present reality and gives you powerful, life-changing tools that bring you more awareness, intuition and a powerful life that is aligned with your authentic soul nature and Life dreams..

The Four Pillars of Freedom, when healed and made whole change EVERYTHING in your Life. They are that powerful. 

Sleeping accommodations, dinner Saturday night & Sunday brunch included. You are responsible for breakfast & lunch Saturday and any snacks/drinks you may want to have. Tea and water is provided.