Forgiveness Through Time

Take a journey with Veronica to a place out of time where Forgiveness has nothing to do with the ways we've been taught and Everything to do with completely balancing the most subtle energetics of imbalanced interactions through time.  You'll learn an easy new technique that can be applied in every relationship you've ever had through time. Whether it's for you to forgive or to be forgiven, this guided healing journey, that came as a vision Veronica received in her own journey, is a game changer, a Life changer and a gift for all souls who have the opportunity to experience it.

Re-Connecting with Your Original Soul Dream

Come with Veronica on a journey back to the birth of your soul. Back to the place and the energies that made you, "you". When you go back to this place, you reconnect with a sacred depth of Light that the experiences upon this earth walk may have scarred or wounded. This reawakening and reconnection with your soul birth can be profoundly healing and inspiring for you and all those who have experienced any level of weariness from this earth walk.  A great refresher and a great new way to view your soul history. 


Another of Veronica's well known guided healing journeys that came from a vision one summer night. What is the Higher Self? What is the lower self? How do we level up to the higher vibrational aspects of our entire being to bring wholeness, balance, healing and wisdom? Bring your self on this journey and find out.  It'll leave you feeling more integrated, deeper, softer and stronger at the same time.