There is a wave upon this great planet that most can feel.

We are here. It is time. The Awakening has already happened. The souls who came to make this shift back into Light have been working for eons towards this moment. Feel it, see it, taste the difference. Layers of the past peel away and reveal your truth and true nature.

Beyond what we’ve been taught through religion, “education”, medical, financial and political realities that were intentionally engineered, there is a whole other level of reality that we engage with, that most don’t even know exists. If you’re reading this, you most likely either know this or are just beginning to become aware of just how deep creative consciousness can go. “But first we must know this.”

Question everything…EVERYTHING. Be with it, sit with it for as long as it takes to do deeper into the place inside of you where every single cell “knows” the truth of a situation. Whether its something within you or a situation you’re working through..sit with it. Breathe as you walk through it. When anger, fear, sorrow, terror and all of the vibrations of discordant, wounded or lower vibrational energies emerge, make the effort to breathe through it with as much neutrality in relationship with it as you can.

Do this as many times as needed to “collapse” the charge that experience held in your brain circuitry. A phrase that I often teach in trainings is “Go to Neutral. Be No Thing.” That means to release your positioning, your story, the connection with the memory, or anything else that binds or “velcros” you to that vibration…let it collapse. Thinking of it as a vibration only, helps. Let it go “straight line” as much as possible. “Ten second crunches” of this…holding this space, this vibration for 10 seconds at a time can change your Life. It’s that profound. It re-wires your neurological system and ripples throughout all of your systems to heal and balance you from the inside out.

As we go on in this work and on our path in Life, stuff happens. We all go through stuff that can throw us - if we are not used to using the tools that can help us re-balance in a jiffy. In real-time, handling an intense situation or a devastating experience…staying in this vibration as much as possible, instead of being reactive, attached to an identity or way of being, can change the outcome profoundly.

Hope this helps your day, my friends!

Stay tuned for more - trainings, nuggets of wisdom and forgotten knowledge and more!

Thank you for being on this journey with me. May it bring us all to great places.