Yes. It is US who must make the changes now, in our everyday Lives. It is US, not any others who must challenge the "whys" of what is in place and killing us all. Our skies filled with chemically laden "chemtrails" that we breathe in everyday. They kill our plants..and that means our food. The waters are filled with fluoride that many have been duped into thinking is "healthy" when its in fact a cancerous neurotoxin meant to keep people docile (used in concentration camps).

Our seeds..Monsanto/Bayer do Not care about any of us. Know that. Good agricultural practices create far more stable, sustainable environments than any chemically manufactured realities that have nothing to do with sustainability or the health of the land or our food supply. Wake up folks. We are here. Where we go is up to each one of us, everyday.

Thank you sister Bethany Joy for sharing this. She is a young master among us. A leader with the soul of the people and all of Life as her main driver.

Wake up my friends. How long could you make it if all electricity stops, even for a few weeks? How sustainable are we really and who are we relying on, naively to keep this reality going? Things will change and what WE align with is important. Doubt and fear or Trust and intuition?

Maturity of being or selfish self-righteousness. We will soon each need to turn to each other. Lets learn to make good relationships, even with those we find difficult or challenging. Be authentic, mature, responsible and real.  Hope this sparks something in each of us. Please Share!

All the best to you Always!


Check out Greta Thunberg’s speech here. A dynamic elder in a young woman’s body.