This morning, I awoke in my own timing..No alarm, no one else waking me up. Just peace, breath that felt natural and free, a deep divine connection and a remembering that lifted my whole being into the purest wholeness that I’ve felt in a very long time. Peace, balance, connection, ease, wholeness - breath became flowing waves of Light and music.

It was as profound as it was soft and as full and expansive as it was eternal and “now”. That is how I woke up this morning.

The visions from my dream work came back through the dimensional steps, through to this body and mind. Wholly intact and not fragmented at all. (That alone is a gift!)

Here they are:

First, a quote that I say to my clients and students is “Be the vibration of that which you seek.” That’s the way it came to me long ago and it stuck. You could also say “Vibe your Life into being” or “Act as if..” to obtain the same kind of resonance. In this morning’s dream, I was “lifting off” the earth’s magnetic influence and able to traverse mountains, cities etc., quite easily with big leaps or total focus. In this dream however, something was happening..As it went on, I wasn’t able to gain as much height as I was used to. I looked upwards, as my body gently descended back to the earth, and saw a deep star, mixed in with a myriad of colors, geometries and such fluid responsiveness, and it looked like the “star” was the apex of all Creation, deep within the colors. The pinnacle and hub of the purest consciousness of the Light that embraced and held the heart of the Creator energy in it’s purest form. Profound.

It has a music to it, a celebratory consciousness that celebrated being seen by me and me cognizing it to be able to even see it. I laughed with the pure fullness of being that rippled through my whole being. It just felt that good! It woke up every sleeping part of me. Ever cell and beyond. Every part that felt disconnected, wounded, untethered or like a failure in any way, all of the regrets, lost dreams, wishes that still felt unfulfilled, challenges etc…all of that. Stuff I didn’t even consciously remember was suddenly healed and it was only in the healing that I’d noticed the change in frequency and what it was related to. Like big parts of me were “coming back online” and getting reconnected to my original Source energy again. Flow was happening in this body again through more and more of these “fibers” or lines of energy that began with my Light body and connected through to my physical body. As each fiber came back “online”, or filled with the Light of this Source flow, I felt better and stronger and continually even more whole.

In that in between state of dream and wakefulness, there is a space of magic where we connect with the divine. We all do it, whether we are cognizant of it or not. We connect back with Source EVERY time before we awaken. Maintaining awareness within that “in between” state can be a profound resource to tap in to, to receive answers to your most essential Life questions, before the conscious mind is fully “thinking”. It’s the space of you as, and with the divine. Its where ideas come from or through, and deeper visions for your Life are able to connect with you.

As I imagined the videos of the Life I’d like to experience, it began to feel more and more “real” it was normal and all the “past” struggles etc., were a mere distant, barely memorable memory. At some point in this “imaging” or imagining, all of a sudden, I felt transported to a new level of our reality. Like in the movie series “The Man in the High Castle”, we can become “time” travelers, which only means we are able to fully merge, like shape-shifting, into the frequency range or reality of our choosing. Once full resonance is achieved, the spaces/dimensions/realities automatically merge. So we can “level up” to new vibrations (or go downward in frequency if not conscious about this process and get caught up in all of the present, engineered triggers created to create imbalances for so many right now). I basked in the experience of this “new world” that felt exactly how I always knew Life could be. It was fully my reality. I now understood how to manifest in a new way. Be this reality as much as possible - this vibration. Like learning music…remember the tones/feel/vibration/sensations and the most subtle parts of this frequency combination (like an orchestra with separate instruments playing as one).

The next thing that happened in this teaching “dream” was that a beautiful templating of this pure star or Source energy occurred. I saw the “Technologies of Light” that I’ve used in so many “Deep Soul Surgery” healing sessions, in a whole new way. It was so simple and yet so profoundly effective. It has to do with fibers, like the fiber optic cables used before wireless came on the scene. Tons of these Light/signal transmitting fibers of all sizes and tones, all bundled together vertically, from above my head (to Source Light) down to below my feet, into Gaia/Pachamamma’s core essence.

As I looked at this video/vision from above, I saw a cross section of my own inner energy technology, from the viewpoint of being above my head, looking downward into my own head and further down into my body. Seeing it all as Light flowing or the lack of Light or change in tone or density of the Light in the fibers, showing the disruptions in the flows.

From this space, I began to tune into the “broken” or imbalanced looking fiber areas to see what organ they were connected to so I could beam Light into them specifically. Like finding the “triangulations” of Source Light, the area that is imbalanced or wounded in any way, then beaming the perfect codes or combination of frequencies that fill in all the gaps with the purest Source Light, perfectly coded for each fiber. Its a sacred trinity that heals. We all have it. We all have that ability. But, know this. You are only as clear of a channel as you are clear within. If you haven’t done your inner work of “completing your incompletions” as Swamiji, Paramahamsa Nithyandanda teaches, or healed your inner everything and anything that makes you feel disconnected or less that your pure, true magical self, all of the areas that still have imbalances would be ideal to heal.

And thus is the journey, heal to bring more healing, to be the vibration of more and more of your own natural Light and the pure, free laughter of it all that fills you and the universe.

As I continued to do this with each discordant or imbalanced fiber, each filled with pure Light and I moved on to the next one. While doing this, I was being shown each area of my body that was not optimal - organs, glands, energy flows, fluids, circuits of the psyche as well. The brain states that loop unconsciously. All of that which was imbalanced on any level was filled with this Light, continuing on as if they were all vertical fibers of Light, running through my whole body - they lit up the very core of my Light body within my body.

As this continued, I felt more upright, connected and aligned with my own unique Light signature or Soul signature more fully that I’ve ever known. I felt directly connected with Source, As Source. Things just felt “right” for the first time in a long while. Not as in “right/wrong” but just “all good”, free and balanced - for real. All the “ick” was gone from the planet and people and nature were their natural selves again. We were free as a consciousness as this Light continued to fill and heal all fibers within my being. So many memories flashed by from family genetic lineage memories, to other Lifetimes, soul history, the beauty of our beingness upon this great plane and the gift of experiencing such purity, grace and wholeness with so many emanations of the Creator as Oneness.

So, this is the reason I cherish waking up in my own timing with no outer distractions of any kind. Just gentle, in tune with nature and my nature, visions like this come through. We are made of Light - pure and simple. All else is taught as truth to us, by those who very much have usurped our divinity, the power of our abilities to create and stand up to the “ick” that has lowered the vibrations of humanity’s consciousness. It’s time to wake back “up” into the higher states and manifestations of our selves. We are divinely connected beings with free will. We choose or continue to have unconscious vibrations affecting our Lives but we choose nevertheless. If we don’t know what’s possible and we were given false truths or half truths that confuse us and disconnect us from our powerful, divine nature, then we don’t choose from our wholeness, we choose from our limited view of Creation and Creation itself, responds.

The more aware we are of what is possible, what humans are truly capable of doing and creating, the more swiftly the changes will come upon the earth and in the consciousness of humanity. We will ripple up in vibration and be in a new reality, very quickly. Consider the 100th monkey syndrome. In a flash, the particles become a wave, a flash and that entire experience is part of the wavelengths and consciousness of each and every being on or affected by that wavelength or circuit of reality. BAM. Just like that, things Do change. Many call them “miracles” but they’re also laws of cosmic circuitry and physics, chemistry and biology that are far “before” quantum levels even come into being.

Soooo! A new way of aligning souls with their own natural divinity has birthed in my consciousness. So grateful! Hope this helps you all too - to use another tool in your toolbelt to heal, balance, remember your powerful Light and magnetic self again and then utilize these gifts to make a more truly joyful, authentically aligned Life. May “magic” be…always!

Thank you for reading this my friend. Merry be.