New Earth Child

Yep! As my sister Ellenjane would say, “Put on your big girl/boy panties and grow up!”. If most knew the truth and levels of deception that are about to be unearthed and obliterated, much would be different right now. Turn off the mainstream entrainment devices. Understand the subtle architecture of the reality many were raised in and know that it’s all about to change. Not because of an election but because “good” is rising. The Light is rising. In all of us. Whatever the triggers are that get you there, whomever you voted for or whatever your fears are, Stop!

Stop and just breathe and understand the power You have as a divine being of Light to change your reality, NOW. You know how this works. Breath, rhythms of breathing and “state” of being (In these “United States”).

When you are having a "great day" you are vibrating physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically at a higher vibration and it makes the day flow. "Bad day"/lower vibration creates one frustration or letdown after another. Most don’t understand why, what the triggers are or how to instantly change them.

It’s what I teach in sessions, in my trainings and much more. Time for us all to collectively grow UP in vibration. Stop being distracted/triggered/reactive to intentionally engineered events and get on with creating our own brand of Living here on this planet, right now, together. Try that instead of hate and fear mongering. Distracting behaviors stop us from looking within, connecting with the sacred divine we are all made from and keep us separated from each other. Enough, sacred friends…United, we are Brighter. Separated, we grow more dim. It’s that simple. Choose. Find new ways of being. “Build bridges not bombs” is another teaching I share. 

Please stop the self-righteous hate posts, rants and conversations that mainstream media supports. Just stop..the fear.. and realize how fooled so many have been by "fake everything" for the last 60+ years! One finger points with three pointing back…remember? See what’s been going on and who benefits. I can guarantee you, being in that chaotic, reactive inflamed “state” of being, is not your natural state, nor is it where you are embodying your strongest natural abilities. Beyond that though, if we each BE our own person without being so reactive to everything much more change can be facilitated. Get grounded my friends.  Breathe and connect within, to your own powerful divinity! Learn how to control and re-calibrate and balance your own subtle energy. Make that your quest if it calls to you.

If you want to create a new reality, create it. If you want to complain and be in fear about what may be or could have been, fine. But understand the impact that that way of being has upon your own Life. It’s Your Life. Your vibrational resonance that You choose, regardless of outer circumstances. If you choose what makes you feel more whole with deeper, more complete strength that is not based upon reactive “against” anything behavior, you may begin to experience more inner peace and wholeness.

What if those qualities and abilities were our priority? This is my quest  - to teach and share new systems and paradigms that take us away from this dark, dense, war-mongering way of being into more practical, elevated states of being where we are truly meant to be, together.

I’m putting this out there, asking you all to consider this. What if we all stood together with a Knowing..Connected with our sacred divinity, each in our own way and were able to actually experience that divine in and with each other? THAT, in my way of seeing, is what we ‘should’ be doing instead of all the ridiculous stuff that is going on right now.

Mature comments towards each other, that have wisdom, kindness, respect, honor and integrity are encouraged. If you cant’ hold back your venom, consider that it is in you and you are carrying it, furthering its energy. It is not the energy I invite. Just passing this along as the awakening is finally here. The railroad tracks are diverging now. Stay connected and in tune with your divine nature as you walk through these changes or be 'outer-reactive'..the choice is always yours and new in each new breathe.

Many have worked all their Lives towards this time, never knowing fully when it was going to come or if we’d even Live to see it. It’s here now and it’s only just begun. Choose, my sweet friends and may we each hold the space and share from our deeper Light with wisdom and integrity.

Wishing us all a better reality and better “states” of being in these United States and for all upon this great planet.

Aho, Hetch etu aloh, Mitakuye oyasin.