"Hang Time" The time in between


"Hang Time" The time in between

"Brighten people's Lives" was the directive I received in a Life-changing vision as a young child. Be a blessing, allow Life's changes to open new doors. Look for them instead of to the one that closed.


Physical Smiles, Brain States and Geometries of Consciousness


Physical Smiles, Brain States and Geometries of Consciousness

Sweet and powerful. Life-changing too. And so simple. While going through a particularly difficult time long ago, driving along in my car, I just decided to physically smile. That’s it. Just smile. Just because I could, and I was curious about how that would affect the pressures I was feeling with all the major stressors that were happening, all at once. I just kept my face smiling for a short while. I thought about the geometries and the chemistries within my body that would be affected by changing my facial geometry. Nothing else. 

Want to know something? It worked! My brain state changed. My outlook lifted and I begand to breathe softer and more deeply. New ideas for solutions even came to me that I hadn’t thought about while in the “worrying”/contracted/scrunched over state of being.

My brain state changed the more I did that, and I felt a little Lighter in my core energies. The knots in my stomach loosened and it felt like a deeper flow opened up. It’s not a Pollyanna band aid that pretends nothing is challenging, but we do have many more ways of changing our realities than we realize. So here’s to you and this day my friends! May we each remember how powerful we really are, to create what we Really want on this earth journey. 

Let us get back to the basics of gratitude, kindness, easier breathing and the gifts sunLight on our faces and stars singing at night. Let us enjoy the good and simple things that give our Lives meaning. Let us learn what it takes to be good to each other- to just be kind instead of unconscious or uncaring and rude. Lets stop the wars within our selves first. 

It’s easy to fight in this world. Maturity, depth and strength of integrity, authenticity with honor and respect, self mastery are all part of being divinely human. The media, politics and just about every other engineered aspect we are taught is "real" is made to take us off balance or dishonor our Creator given soul journey upon this great planet.

“Arm in Arm, we all go forward together” is my quote that echoes ancient wisdoms. Dignity, responsibility, discernment and sovereignty of being your natural self..with others. Imagine..🌱 Breathe..Think good thoughts and "Be the vibration of one note higher" in your own body. Let this take the place of worry. Keep at it too. Do the work of it wherever you are or whatever you're doing. Just bringing our selves a bit more “up” in vibration can change everything. Notice your skeleton & how you carry your body. It is a mirror to all the inner experiences of the mind.

“Non-verbals” communicate just as loudly as audible sound does. Breathe.. elongate your spine. Notice how your skull sits on your spine. Find the angles that feel good and open your neck to the flow of your systems. May we all do the inner work of choosing where and what we focus upon, and perhaps even change our frame or lenses that we see through. Life is hard very often for many. How we respond is up to us.

There is a river that lifts us all up and out of lower states. Breath and choice of how we  translate our circumstances are keys to learning how to consciously navigate it all with true self and Life mastery.

Hope this helps brighten your spirit or opens up more ideas and options for you today. Changing our brain state changes our reality. Breath is part of it all. “But first you must know this..” then celebrate when you remember to do it! 💖Sweet day to you, my friends and family! 


Your eyes..


Your eyes..

"Your eyes are not yet old enough my dear" I heard her say. 

Curious, I listened more closely. "When your eyes show the depths of what you know, the expanse of all that is, truly and without pretense or pretend, without desire or wanting; just feeling full and whole by being and breathing; when you have fallen/surrendered to/begun exploring the depths of your internal space - your soul, re-birthed and expanded it with consciousness to fill every nook and cranny, elegantly and naturally, with steps of inner awakenings; when you have experienced this and so much more, then you will have begun to see and know more clearly. Until then and always? Live as joyfully as you can, with every grateful breath. 

Beauty is in the depth, the integrity, true wisdom bourne from understanding that wholeness is a journey. Sometimes we feel broken or lost, sometimes we feel peaceful and have a flowing ease. The funny thing is, regardless of the moment, you are on that journey. You are always wholeness experiencing the nooks and crannies of the consciousness of Life that creates all.

Leaning in closer, I listened. What...such strange ways of seeing Life, perceiving reality and self within the Oneness...Perhaps the beginning of something stirring way down deep, like and old, ancient memory of self, with all as one and whole? Hmmm...

In Peace,

© Veronica O'Grady 5/10/2018 All rights reserved


Mantra - "The Way Home" & The Power of Sound


Mantra - "The Way Home" & The Power of Sound

There's nothing like it - literally. The power vibrations of sacred songs that re-ignite our ancient memories, coursing through your body and spirit, is an ecstatic state of being. Every letter in every language, every sound uttered or thought, carries with it a history that is just as physical as our body, and an even deeper ability to profoundly change our reality in any given moment. The frequencies we resonate are experienced on some level by all - whether they are conscious of it or not. Vibrations move.  By their nature, they move. Even in the silence there is a stillness that dynamically sings. It all depends upon how sensitive or aware we are about the more subtle energies that resonate within each of us, and all Creation - and how we choose to interact with it all.

Connecting through mantra, with the sacred divine energy that we literally are, brings "home" to our natural selves. Mantras awaken it, focus amplifies it. When thought becomes sacred sound, the home of our soul merges within us. The deep, infinite memory comes in through the door of sound as we sing their sacred frequencies of Oneness awake.  Sound with focused intent, prayer or feeling makes it happen exponentially more than dumbed down, engineered thoughts most of us have been entrained to believe are original (from us) and real. Sacred sounds, like ancient, activating mantras get you through the entrainment circuits in your brain, to the sacred silence that is symphonic and ecstatic. With this, your body and consciousness instantly respond (and celebrate!).

The music that moves your soul and spirit into an elevated state of "inspiration", is our divine home calling us to remember our magnificence.  It helps us welcome in the divine Light, or more so, our selves As divine Light itself. It is our creativity and ability to birth entirely new ideas and understandings that we were never formally "taught" in our "education" systems. 

Accessing the Infinite

Streaming with the knowing that there is only Oneness, and we are continuously and endlessly bathed in it whether we know it or not, Love is the core frequency of that Oneness that weaves us, and connects us. It is what we were born from and what we go back to after this journey. It is what gives Life, breath, color, compassion, laughter and more, to our unique expression of the Creative force. We are children of the divine Creative force of Life in form. The sacred pulsing of our magnificent divinity is coursing through us. Many usurpers on this planet have created a distopian reality that is on this planet right now. Who benefits is always the deeper question and usually it's not, 'we the people". Their distopian commandeering of real history, the elements, food, music, videos are all engineered strategies to lower the vibration of human consciousness and has made many forget their magic. With this many have forgetten their spark, and worst all what inspires their soul to express its uniqueness often is tainted by the belief that they can't or shouldn't achieve it. However, Living in "real time" with total flow is still our natural reality and the home we all long for. The fullness of merging with this reality trumps all other realities because it is authentic and your soul know what truth is. What if learning to access the infinite, as mentioned in the schools below, was what was taught to all?  As we rise in frequency, much is changing. Our entire view of health and "education" is already changing.

Mantra is a Calling Answered - A Circuit Activated

It is a reaching, then a becoming and then being the experiences of being "no-thing" and all, as you merge with Oneness. Mantra is beyond thought, beyond emotions and brings you directly into a state of being so fulfilled and full of the vibration of Creation as it runs through you, it's truly ecstatic.

Each mantra activates a different, elevated circuit or brain state, then strengthens those circuits and awakens deeper levels of awareness and natural gifts. The sacred Hindu Vedas contain original vibrations of Creation (they were "heard" not remembered") as they began to be understood by the highly gifted master Rishis who could hear and interpret these levels of divine consciousness. Singing mantras can help heal deep disconnects within our psyche. Singing mantras, especially with a group of people, connects, lifts, heals and enLightens the hearts of those experiencing them.  We are lifted back into the more  natural states of being as we go deeper into song. These activations reconnect us with "home" again and show us how to go back to stay centered and balanced throughout our days.  There is also the "symphony of silence" that sings with our souls as we bridge to it.  It's all right there. Breathe takes us there. Sound connects us. Song and especially sacred mantras unite us.

It's time to unlearn Everything that we've ever been taught about reality, including old breath patterns.  The awakening is now. Sacred friends, consider the entrainment that we are all blindly indoctrinated into: beliefs about what is accepted as reality by the engineered, unconscious consensus of the collective. Imagine if we were born into a completely different kind of reality where all the goodness really IS real! Imagine it. Feel it!!  Where your nature is not injured, scarred, wounded or disconnected in any way from our "outer Life". Learning is elevating and uniquely natural to your soul. There are no grades and there is only real Life Living. Learning by Living, Loving and being in the experience of the beautiful heart connection with others. Imagine the music of this kind of reality singing through you. It lifts you, carries you, and helps you heal and connect in authentic, soulful ways with each other. This is not the fantasy that we've been told by the present reality engineers that it is. It is a real, Living, breathing, functioning reality that we have only to open our own inner vibrations and circuits to accepting. Little by little, we can vibrate this reality into being. "Vibe your tribe" is a real thing! 

"You Must Sing to Heal"

"You must sing to heal" is a directive I received in May 2018 when healing some pretty deep physical "stuff".  It was just tonight (7/15/2018), while listening to the "Ang Sang Wahe Guru" mantra for the first time (at 3 am), a message came through, clear as crystal. It was within the first 10 seconds and the message was: "Mantra is the way home." "Sing to heal"..of Course! To connect and be bathed in the blissfulness as we go about our days would be great! Especially in traffic and stressful situations. Tuning in to the circuit within can help us remain balanced in our breath and respons-abe instead of reactive.  

Sound as a Sacred Science of Relationship And Elevated Awareness

Most of us know by now that sounds are powerful. Tones of voices, sounds of all kinds can uplift or devastate us.  Long ago, in the movie, "Hoffa" (a movie I'd normally never watch but kept getting the "Cosmic tug" to watch it, there was a line that said, "Don't worry. He's got the words but he ain't got the music!" Profound. The frequencies we carry transmit and receive in real time, whether through words, or the non-verbals that reflect what we carry within. If we believe in our selves and trust Life, even when facing total unknowns and challenges of Life and people, and if we really learn how to tune in to literally listen to our innate intelligence, that needs no formal schooling to understand, then we begin to birth a new reality from within us. Our Lives will begin to change as we bridge into the authentic Lives our soul craves.

Sound is our natural connection. "We are a people who sing" from Morgan Llewellyn's book, "The Druids".  It is our nature. In that space of sacred chanting, as we tune in with "empty"/no thoughts and the innate breath that frees us from tensions, worries and fears, we merge with the divine Oneness and realize we really are all one. Unique in our expression of the Oneness and creating from the depth of our connection of this Oneness. What a journey back home!  From this space, emerges much "magic" in the form of direct answers, unexpected insights, new depths of awareness and understanding. Wisdom, peace, compassion, detached connectedness and heart-filling soulfulness awakens. Better flow begins and Life has a new elevated rhythm to it.

Its time my friends. Time to find our songs. Whether its our personal medicine song, that is our soul's song that rings through Lifetimes and dimensions. (In the space of no-thingness, this song can arise if we consistently allow our selves to be with the intent of receiving it, in our daily practices. It may take time but it comes eventually. The feeling it brings is like home being remembered and Lived once again.  Medicine songs, mantras, sound vibrating through us..silently or out loud, it's the bridge that connects.

Bliss really is the goal.

The ecstatic state of divine union and as the Oneness itself, breathing, singing, moving, creating, releasing, flowing, leads us on the unfolding path before us. We are divinely ecstatic in the present experience when we feel that connection. It is so physical and so blissful. ("Samadhi" is what many call it).  We can carry it as much as we can each day and be glad when we remember to open to it to whatever we are able to in each new moment. When we come out of that state (maybe while driving or getting through stressful days), we do our best to realign with it, as much as we can.

Something to Consider

What if this state of being was our natural reality that we were all born into? Even as we work, songs can create elevated states of being and more authentic, mature relationships based upon integrity.  There are many ways to connect on quantum levels with the divine as we go through our days. Through elevated music, reawakening water's memory and magnetism, creating "Light songs" (literally the 'recipes' or symphonies created by tones of Light), or fragrance that carries us to elevated states once more of our natural, innate senses are awakened.  Newly discovered senses and abilities begin to emerge and bring us to much higher states of awareness, where we can create an entirely new reality.

What if the science of sound and of Light was what was taught in schools? And, how to instantly access the Oneness for any of Life answers and abilities? Learning self-mastery of energy is taught instead of the "dumbing-down" of humanity with regurgitation of false facts made to be assumed as real or educational. The present educational system was set up in the mid-1800's, to mimic the Prussian military system and create biobots that would be good workers.  That time is ending.

There are already "schools" set up in many countries that have been teaching children this way. These children and young adults can pull facts, solutions to complex scientific and Life problems and so much more, right "out of thin air" because the answers are all there, alive in real time. What we've been taught about our "lace of" powerful ancient abilities is all wrong. The sacred Indian Avatar, Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, who is a true incarnation of super-consciousness that has come to wake people back up to their powerful sovereignty,  teaches this to the young "balasants" (child saints) of the Nithyananda Peetham in Bangalore,  and he is powerfully reawakening so many across the planet to our own true, super-consciousness. The Russian Tekos Forest School, based upon Anastasia's teachings in "The Ringing Cedar Series" have been teaching similar processes as well. Both are training the adults to train the children, so all are benefiting and changing the course of human evolution.  The masters are here. We are indeed the unexpected ones we've been waiting for and as Kryon said, "The youngers are now the elders. Listen to them."  And on we breathe my friends! Breathe in the rhythms and sing the songs that wake you up and bridge us all back to the new levels of becoming once again, the powerful, magical beings that we already are.

In Peace & game-changing Love, 

© Veronica O'Grady 7/15/2018 All rights reserved



Inner worlds, outer movies


Inner worlds, outer movies


It's time. Ready or not my friend, the change we've been preparing for, for eons is now here - and how we guide our inner thoughts can make all the difference in the kind of journey we will create. Most of us know this but what may not be as obvious is where the subtle discord "hides out" in our inner systems and energetic structures. The bio-chemistry, the amplitude of electric-like energy our body can conduct and utilize, the ability of cells to fully function and so much more; all affected by our attitudes, beliefs and everything buried within - fears, emotions, angers, grieving not released etc. Our ability to connect with and open to these sub-quantum planes of creation where the realities we truly want to resonate with are impacted as well. The more clear our inner most subtle terrain, the more easily our outer reality can manifest. 

Perception is not truth

Perception is not truth. It is information. It is colored by lifetimes of experiences and imprints. Many people can witness the same event yet translate it completely differently, based upon their perceptions. How we use our perception to frame our reality or our ways of inter-acting with Creation, literally creates the road of a reality we will travel upon. Where do you come from, from within when inter-acting with Life? Like a hub of a bicycle wheel where we are in the center as a soul and the spokes represent different unfolding possibilities based upon the resonance or vibration we carry within. From our central inner hub vibration, a connection to the resonant spoke (reality) opens, like a door. The inner alignment we vibrate as, is literally made up of specific frequencies of our choosing. Conscious about them or not, they vibrate, we align and the door opens. Change your vibration and you change your reality. "Decide." is a word I've had over my door for years. It has a period at the end of it too. Each moment is a new opportunity to re-align with a preferred reality. Each breath, a new beginning.

Heaven on earth - You choose

With the coming changes that this new energy that has already birthed, so many assumptions we've utilized will change. Even for the seasoned Lightworker (maybe even especially for the seasoned Lightworker), new ways of being are unfolding. New events and "opportunities for growth" on new dimensions of our energy. "How much heaven on earth can you stand?" is a directive I was given long ago. Re-aligning through our breath, structural anatomy, choosing how we interact with the consciousness of Life is going to become increasingly more important. 

What to do?

When in an unpleasant or even frightening reality, changing our inner frequencies, cleaning them up allows other spokes or higher vibrational realities to resonate and unfold. It may take some time but the clarity and "totality" of our focus can help us unweave the old choices we've made.  It's like a lock and key system. It's simple but not always easy to remember or navigate. Based upon the quality and totality of our inner frequencies patterns, the corresponding realities that match those frequency patterns will show up. Resonance. Whether you are aware of those vibrating inner beliefs and perceptions or not, it doesn't matter. And so begins a deeper level of the journey..

Breath, skeletons and music

Our breathing patterns affect and are affected by this inner reality. So does the way we hold our skeletal system. The positioning of your skeletal structure creates geometric, base frequency patterns that are all part of the orchestra of our systems in this reality. Geometry is the physical form of frequency. Geometry becomes reality and a base for brain state patterns. Geometric form comes to conscious Life in our human form. There is so much more to us than we are taught and it impacts the quality, length, fulfillment and connectedness of our everyday Lives.

Until the next time and looking forward to meeting you further along on the road!

May your journeys be sweet, your breaths be easy and unencumbered, and may all you cherish Live fully in your inner being and outer realities.





Let it go..written during the August 21, 2017 Full Solar Eclipse

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Let it go..written during the August 21, 2017 Full Solar Eclipse

amazing sunset .jpg


Let it go..

Let the old die.

Let it go back to the Source of all, for new beginnings to birth.

Do not grab hold and cling to anything you’ve ever known your self to be.

Like the tree in the autumn with its leaves,

Let it go.

Watch it burn inside of you. Watch it wither and dissipate.

Allow the death of illusion, of fear, of the engineered reality

So many assumed was true.

Allow it to die, my friends.

It’s time.


It’s time...just be with that for a while.

Do a ceremony and release to the deep peace.

To the core essence of your inner most, divine nature.

Your core pulsings of Life, peace and calm.

Observe and just be.

No thinking, just feeling it.

Just allowing for the deaths of dreams, relationships,

Jobs, identities, all you’ve done or ever wanted to do.

Allow it to die.

Breathe the death of it, out of you. Release the inner bindings

To all that kept you bound to the unreal, to the way you were taught to be.

To the way you were taught Life was or should be.


Let it go. All of it. Now, please.

For on the other side of all that awaits something new and yet still unknown.

We forward go, into the new.

But first we must learn to be in the deaths of what has past.

All that brought you to this place, be it pain and suffering or joy, victory and elation.

Let it burn in the fires of your soul.

Clear your Akash of all that you were.

Open to the deeper Akash of all that you truly are.

The divine, magnificent, shimmering, powerful, connected being

That we all are.

The Light we were All birthed from.

All teachings of our minimal-ness of being are lies.

Know that.


As we allow for this death

We allow for the birth that Always follows.

May you begin to breathe in That - the energy of your true birth.

Mark this as the day you were born.

The day you embraced your divinity in totality.

The day You became the Light.

The day You remembered your own Light and began Living it,

JoyFully upon this great planet that we are gifted with experiencing.

Our soul’s growth continues.

The lush earth awaits.

We are Love.


May our journeys be fruitful, pure, good-hearted and kind.

May we Live ferociously connected with our sacred joy, our divine oneness

That knows, understands, is wise, clear and free.


To your freedom.

To our freedom together.

Sending and being Love in this great sandbox of Life

That we get to Live.


Thank you for being here friends!

Many blessings, much gratitude to you and as always,

Wishing you deep belly laughters shared with those you Love and cherish.



© Veronica O’Grady

August 21, 2017

During the full solar eclipse.


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Tips on Navigating these Changes with inner Mastery


Tips on Navigating these Changes with inner Mastery

Hello friends!
Hope you enjoyed the energies of the full moon, lunar eclipse yesterday!
It went full at 1:11pm CDT and the partial eclipse was at 1:22pm. 11 minutes of pure full moon. Master numbers and new alignments. Solar eclipse on the 21st is going to be profound. 

Like many of you, these energies have given me a space to stop and reassess everything about my path; what my dreams are, what is getting ready to come to harvest and what can be tilled under to feed new dreams.

"Does it grow corn?"

This is a great analogy for us, especially now. With the increase in vibration that we are experiencing (some more aware of it than others), deeper and more subtle levels of our own soul's energy are awakening and becoming activated. It's time to harvest the wisdom of what we have experienced, save the kernals that will help us grow new dreams and till under the rest, let it go and go into dreaming a new dream for our selves and our world.

We are receiving new directions from our soul and these new energies are beginning to anchor into our energy fields and bodies. They are electric, magnetic and quantum based, opening up new opportunities, gifts and levels of awareness about our connection with Creation. Things we never considered before or understood can become more clear in a flash. We are beginning to open to the quantum nature of this human experience.

This can be disorienting, exhausting, exhilarating and deeply shaking if you're not taking time to just rest as much as possible, take a good look at your Life, cleanse out what no longer fits, release fear-based thoughts, judgements about self and others and allow for the next opening to occur. Vibrationally being neutral, peaceful and as calm as possible (especially during the Life storms that are happening with so many!) can make all the difference in your overall health and choices. 

From this inner space, the new openings can happen without being interfered with by fear, judgement and anything else that tangles your energy into discord.

Deep memory awakening

These are powerful times and can be both chaotic as we release past identities, entrained value systems, past relationships, jobs and ways of seeing our place in the universe and have the courage to open to the new earth that is emerging within us. 

We are beings of Light, emanations of the Creator. We are here now, on this planet to BE that, in each and every breath and moment that we can. The most gentle way to be that Light that we are all made from, is to be in the literal vibrational energy of our deepest joys.

A teaching I often share in sessions is "Be the vibration of that which you seek". Literally, regardless of your situation, we each have the ability to master our own personal energy.
Throwing away all the judgements and outer perceptions of what we 'should' be and what society has entrained us to be, and learn to decipher for our selves, just what it is that we want to experience in each new moment.

"Being free from becoming" - Jim Carrey

"Being free from becoming" is a quote I saw last night, from Jim Carrey's paintings (he continues to surprise me with his growing awareness). But feel that in your body  for a second. Take a moment and be the vibration of that energy.  "Being free from 'becoming'..."
Last night, during another 'wide awake at 3am' moment, I saw that. It stopped me in my tracks. 

Sessions that can help navigate these changes

Along with many other non-traditional tools used in sessions, I often teach how to align with the "divine intelligence streaming" with the a Star Trek visual, where they're in the 'beam me up Scottie' moment of being bathed in sound and Light then transformed and transported to another physical space. Masters that have walked and still are walking the earth do this.

If we imagine our selves immersed in this divine Light, As this Light, Light activated, and if we allow the space of this subtle drenching of our cells to be bathed and filled again into their remembering, our deeper senses will awaken. Our deeper knowing becomes more clear. Just BE. Just Being and breathing right now, even for a few seconds at a time helps us release the entrainments and programmings we've been raised with.

This doesn't take hours of meditation. Very few have that kind of time. It takes an internal choice to align with what I often call the "deep river of Light" that carries our soul experience forward and the "tow rope of Light" that keeps us upright as we navigate this new territory. Kind of like water skiing but most of us don't see the boat that is guiding us along. Breath rhythms and just 'Being' in each moment helps us connect more deeply with what is optimal for us now. Again, it's a courage of a different kind to navigate this journey.

In sessions I'll often refer to these shifts as fixing or upgrading a car while it's being driven down the highway. It takes a lot to maintain "normal" balance during these times. Staying balanced and rested makes all the difference.

In-person "Deep-Soul" sessions include both tools to navigate these changes with mastery and "table time". The combination has served to help so many over these past few decades. I also now do phone and skype sessions as well. Please email me for further details.

My clients and friends find their most subtle energies get balanced, deep triggers are healed and they feel a deeper peace and inner strength emerge. Clarity and readiness for this next phase of their journey also begins to take form.

If  you'd like to set up a session, click here to
email me and we'll get you ready for this next phase. I'm in Nashville on Wednesdays and some Saturdays.

To your health, well being and sweet journey.
In peace and beautiful magic.

~Veronica O'Grady


Magnetic Force Fields Designed by Thoughts and Focus


Magnetic Force Fields Designed by Thoughts and Focus

Stonehenge and so many other mystical sites upon the planet that are powerful vortexes may have had many functions for communities throughout the seasons. Some have begun to understand the power and impact of piezoelectric substances upon activating a seed's ability to align fully with its most subtle energies, so that it can manifest wholly with a strong and vital immune system. 

Others have begun to understand the power of music and it's ability to be the river that can "sing into being" something desired or "sing out of being" something that is no longer either desired or whose time has come to leave. That said, imagine if atop the stones at Stonehenge there stood singers who, knowing specific earth dates for optimal times to activate seeds, do divine healings, be able to open multi-dimensional portals of sight and knowing, would sing specific songs that contained in and of themselves, specific geometries that would bring the desired affects? Indigenous cultures would know these as true "medicine songs". Amplified by many at specific times with the full support of the community, all focusing upon the same impact or outcome of these songs, who could in their own self-mastery, maintain their inner magnetics wholly enough to help draw in the desired outcome, a powerhouse of manifestation can occur. This may have been one of the uses of the pyramids found all over the planet on sacred sites.

Many of these sacred sites, in fact most of them are on vortexes of the planet that amplify energy as either transmitters or receivers, like a cell transport system. Those that know how to utilize them can increase the effects of the songs, the magnetics, the wholeness of the outcome as well as the speed with which the outcome comes in to physical form.

The multi-dimensional mechanics of songs, rhythms, magnetics and inner, Clear alignment with no inner obstruction, only fully flowing focus can change our world in quantum time...But first we must know this. :-) Truly, when all focus on one thing, our merkaba's alignment with it and totality of our physical cells that get their instructions from the energetic template of our merkaba, help manifest in physical form, that which we bring our inner gaze and our focus to - including thoughts, feelings, memories, triggers, aspirations and so much more of our inner terrain. 

Some "food for thought" my friends, as we open even more deeply to creating our Beautiful New Earth. Be aware as well that the dark forces that are doing all they can to create chaos, death and pain upon this planet know these techniques too. They are presently being used with more focus to keep our inner vibrations lower and more dense which makes it more difficult to access "cleanly" as in energetically neutrally clean before focusing upon our true, desired outcome.  Fear and confusion are powerful 'tools of war' as well they know. Our job? To walk as energetic masters that are not influenced by these forces.

The work before us is to self-master our inner terrain in ways that move beyond religion, beyond present day science and into multi-dimensional mechanics of the magnetic Light that we are all made from - the Light that contains all the memories of the soul, the gifts, the wisdoms as well as the knowing about right action in situations before us each day.

I've created and hold "Life Training Immersions" that bring you through the actual in-depth, gentle experiences of these states, give you the tools to continue the abilities in your daily Life and open to even more of your own divine mastery as you grow. My private personal healing sessions also go into "Deep-Soul Surgery" to help you take quantum leaps in your personal activations, initiations and soul evolution. These experiences and tools profoundly activate, heal and teach you how to bridge to the inner space from which to create the most powerful "You" that you can, in physical form. 

There are new sciences being birthed right now my friends, that will give us a more accurate maps of what we, as humans are capable of being, doing and creating. May the magic begin! 

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May we "mind our thoughts"


May we "mind our thoughts"

May we mind our thoughts..They are transmissions to Creation and ring back what we send out, consciously or unconsciously. Whether we believe in it or not, it is natural physics. "It's all music" is what I always say and it is, for real. Quantum signals and the more subtle levels of what we carry and resonate affect every aspect of our Lives and those around us.

Carrying and emitting destructive or fearful emotions creates more of the same, until we stop and check-in. Learning to do this sooner and sooner can make all the difference in our choices and the outcomes of our Lives.

Let us each do what we can to remember the impact of our breath and thoughts, the way we carry our skeleton and body positioning, and bring them to peace of being vibrationally 'neutral' as much as we can, whenever they start creating chaos and imbalance.

Thoughts, the power of them.jpg


Be the Vibration of Wisdom


Be the Vibration of Wisdom

New Earth Child

Yep! As my sister Ellenjane would say, “Put on your big girl/boy panties and grow up!”. If most knew the truth and levels of deception that are about to be unearthed and obliterated, much would be different right now. Turn off the mainstream entrainment devices. Understand the subtle architecture of the reality many were raised in and know that it’s all about to change. Not because of an election but because “good” is rising. The Light is rising. In all of us. Whatever the triggers are that get you there, whomever you voted for or whatever your fears are, Stop!

Stop and just breathe and understand the power You have as a divine being of Light to change your reality, NOW. You know how this works. Breath, rhythms of breathing and “state” of being (In these “United States”).

When you are having a "great day" you are vibrating physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically at a higher vibration and it makes the day flow. "Bad day"/lower vibration creates one frustration or letdown after another. Most don’t understand why, what the triggers are or how to instantly change them.

It’s what I teach in sessions, in my trainings and much more. Time for us all to collectively grow UP in vibration. Stop being distracted/triggered/reactive to intentionally engineered events and get on with creating our own brand of Living here on this planet, right now, together. Try that instead of hate and fear mongering. Distracting behaviors stop us from looking within, connecting with the sacred divine we are all made from and keep us separated from each other. Enough, sacred friends…United, we are Brighter. Separated, we grow more dim. It’s that simple. Choose. Find new ways of being. “Build bridges not bombs” is another teaching I share. 

Please stop the self-righteous hate posts, rants and conversations that mainstream media supports. Just stop..the fear.. and realize how fooled so many have been by "fake everything" for the last 60+ years! One finger points with three pointing back…remember? See what’s been going on and who benefits. I can guarantee you, being in that chaotic, reactive inflamed “state” of being, is not your natural state, nor is it where you are embodying your strongest natural abilities. Beyond that though, if we each BE our own person without being so reactive to everything much more change can be facilitated. Get grounded my friends.  Breathe and connect within, to your own powerful divinity! Learn how to control and re-calibrate and balance your own subtle energy. Make that your quest if it calls to you.

If you want to create a new reality, create it. If you want to complain and be in fear about what may be or could have been, fine. But understand the impact that that way of being has upon your own Life. It’s Your Life. Your vibrational resonance that You choose, regardless of outer circumstances. If you choose what makes you feel more whole with deeper, more complete strength that is not based upon reactive “against” anything behavior, you may begin to experience more inner peace and wholeness.

What if those qualities and abilities were our priority? This is my quest  - to teach and share new systems and paradigms that take us away from this dark, dense, war-mongering way of being into more practical, elevated states of being where we are truly meant to be, together.

I’m putting this out there, asking you all to consider this. What if we all stood together with a Knowing..Connected with our sacred divinity, each in our own way and were able to actually experience that divine in and with each other? THAT, in my way of seeing, is what we ‘should’ be doing instead of all the ridiculous stuff that is going on right now.

Mature comments towards each other, that have wisdom, kindness, respect, honor and integrity are encouraged. If you cant’ hold back your venom, consider that it is in you and you are carrying it, furthering its energy. It is not the energy I invite. Just passing this along as the awakening is finally here. The railroad tracks are diverging now. Stay connected and in tune with your divine nature as you walk through these changes or be 'outer-reactive'..the choice is always yours and new in each new breathe.

Many have worked all their Lives towards this time, never knowing fully when it was going to come or if we’d even Live to see it. It’s here now and it’s only just begun. Choose, my sweet friends and may we each hold the space and share from our deeper Light with wisdom and integrity.

Wishing us all a better reality and better “states” of being in these United States and for all upon this great planet.

Aho, Hetch etu aloh, Mitakuye oyasin.



The New Human

The rules have changed. Light Leaders all over the earth are birthing a new way of being human and a new way of being in relationship with each other and all aspects of Creation. The Light that we are all born from has awakened within and the memory of our soul's Light that it carries is now coming forth, en masse. We have vibrationally risen up in octaves to re-connect with the higher vibrational realities, and we are creating new paradigms based upon wholeness and cohesiveness rather than "dominate and destroy". 

The New humanity is awakening from the dark grip that kept the deep slumber and forgetting alive and it can no longer hold the Light back. Finally, the New Earth is born and with it, a whole new way of being human. Within these pages you'll find bridges, maps and teachings to give you practical navigational tips for self-leadership and Life-mastery.

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